We all know that self-care is an essential part of living a happier, brighter life. However, knowing the importance of a consistent self-care routine and actually making it a priority can, unfortunately, be two different things. If you’re committing to self-care in 2019, here are some areas in which to focus your time. We promise you’ll love the benefits you receive:

 Finding your center with meditation

Though life will always be filled with emails, meetings, and family obligations, meditation is the perfect tool for finding calm, even in the midst of a busy day. Some people believe that they need to be able to meditate for a long stretch of time immediately or else they’ve failed at the practice. In reality, quite the opposite is true. Spending even five minutes meditating provides a significant boost for your mental health. Over time, the practice will become easier, much like when you first begin an exercise routine. Committing to self-care and developing that meditation muscle promotes enhanced mental clarity, an increased sense of calm, and a reduction in your stress level. Meditation is a highly personal journey of self-discovery. It can also be filled with interesting expectations, assumptions, and misconceptions.

On March 6th, we’re kicking off our Meditation – a 6-Week Session, Each week will touch on a different (but equally important) type of meditation. We’ll also cover a number of factors that will make meditation feel more intuitive to you. Some of the aspects of meditation you can expect to learn about include:

  •  Light movement in order to prepare the body for meditation
  • Deep breathing to allow the mind to fully settle in and embrace the practice
  • A body scan to get in touch with deeply rooted thoughts, concerns, and beliefs

Other meditation techniques that we’ll practice include:

  • Guided meditation on an intention
  • A 16-point body scan
  • Relaxing to music
  • Affirmations
  • Yoga Nidra

If you’ve been looking to try meditation this year, click here to join us! In the meantime, Dante is leading a two-hour workshop focused on meditation, sound, and breath on Sunday, February 17th. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Beginning a yoga practice

Finding a form of movement you enjoy is essential in order to stay consistent with this aspect of self-care. Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that boosts flexibility, builds strength, promotes mental clarity, and improves your posture. If you’re an aspiring yogi who wonders if your lack of flexibility will impede your ability to practice, the answer is absolutely not! Yoga is perfect for all ages and ability levels. Additionally, your flexibility will improve as you continue to practice. Remember, committing to self-care also means having patience with your body as you allow it to develop new skills.

Always wanted to attend a yoga class but haven’t yet? Or, has your mat has collected dust over the years? Our Yoga Basics workshop is perfect for all experience levels. The workshop will begin in May, so keep an eye out for more details as we get closer. You might also prefer to book a private yoga session with the instructor of your choice. It’s a great way to get one-on-one attention to take your practice to the next level, or to learn proper alignment if you’re a beginner.

Starting a massage or reiki routine

When we talk about self-care, we’re also talking about healing the body and mind. For some, the ancient Japanese practice of reiki is a powerful way to jumpstart this healing process. The name reiki is made up of two Japanese words, Rei (universal life) and Ki (life force energy, also known as prana in Sanskrit). Reiki is not a religious ritual and is different from massage. The practice is a unique form of energy work, where a practitioner uses a healing touch (or places their hands just above the client’s body, depending on preference) to promote relaxation, expedite healing, and reduce pain. For a more traditional approach, massage therapy is an ever-popular way to reduce tension, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. Massage uses hands-on pressure to work through tense areas of the body.

Some may view a massage or reiki as luxuries. We have seen these treatments become fundamental additions to the art of self-care. We also offer private massage and reiki appointments that are carefully customized to meet your body’s needs. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel after you’re done!

Committing to self-care in 2019 can completely shift your physical and mental well-being. If this was part of your New Year’s resolution, we can help you stay focused!

  • Our six-week meditation series is a great place to start for those in search of an infusion of mental clarity.
  • Whether you’re looking to give yoga a try for the first time or want to reacquaint yourself with your practice, drop by our Yoga Basics workshop.
  • If you’re new to massage, our Hot Stone Restorative workshop, happening on March 17th, is a can’t-miss. This workshop fills up quickly, so sign up ASAP.
  • You can also book a private yoga session, reiki appointment, or a massage. Simply call (703) 499-9114 or email us to schedule the treatment that works best for your body.

We look forward to helping you commit to self-care and peaceful living in 2019!